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Beijing leading intellectual property agency firm was founded in November 2010, that was approved by the state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of examination and approval of the establishment patent agency and approved by the state administration for industry and commerce for approval of the registered trademark agencies, its business covers the protection of intellectual property rights in all areas, mainly including by patent, trademark and copyright application/registration/registration, invalid/revocation and exceptions and relevant administrative litigation; Intellectual property infringement analysis, suit and administrative disposal; Intellectual property law consulting; Intellectual property rights, planning, management and transfer; Anti-unfair competition; Trade secret protection; Customs protection of intellectual property rights; Plant variety protection; Integrated circuit layout design patent, trademark registration and the retrieval, monitor, and related translation.

Beijing leading intellectual property agency firm service team consists of a number of rich technical knowledge and master of science and engineering with many years of intellectual property law service experience of professional talents, and its members include in the state intellectual property Former senior inspector, they were had many years of long-term patent examination and management experience; some was In the Chinese academy of sciences long engaged in research work, and who has a senior professional title of China's first generation of patent agent; some was from famous domestic intellectual property agency who had many years of experience in patent agent and trademark attorneys. These professional personnel all graduated from famous higher in science and engineering colleges, and has a master's degree, the technical field covers electronics, communication, computer, physical, material science, machinery, chemical, medicine, biology, and other fields, some of the agent was also in the domestic and foreign well-known higher law schools accept intellectual property law education, get intellectual property law degree, or in the domestic judicial organs or professional institutions and multinational enterprises, foreign law firms engaged in intellectual property law practice and research, can for vast domestic and foreign clients in different technology for comprehensive, effective and targeted intellectual property protection, the effective using the intellectual property gain to provide high quality professional legal service.

Based on the domestic and foreign intellectual property law system and work procedure full knowledge and long-term accumulated the rich practical experience, leading intellectual property agency firm once successively in the service of firm in domestic and foreign each big famous research institutes, colleges and universities, and many large enterprise and high-tech companies, successfully the agency a large number of domestic and external patent, trademark application, deal with a lot of difficult patent is invalid request and litigation, patent technology transfer contract, patent licensing contract drafting and negotiation and record and patent infringement litigation and administrative processing, trademark transfer and licensing, trademark infringement administrative disposal and litigation, domain name dispute arbitration, works and computer software copyright registration and copyright infringement and other legal affairs.

leading intellectual property agency firm has been adhering to the honesty, quality of service, advocate cooperation, communication mode of services, to provide professional and efficient services, positive for the general customers to provide a comprehensive range of intellectual property law consulting and agency service, we strive for every customer to explore the best of the intellectual property rights and implementation plan. Leading intellectual property agency firm development goal is common and knowledge innovation, and grow with our clients.

Leading intellectual property agency firm are for the all-china patent agents association, member of China trademark association, member of china’s intellectual, and member of China copyright society.