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We have the following positions open for any candidates who are passionate about patent representation, are able to work cohesively within a team environment and have earnest and conscientious attitude to work. Interested candidates should send a resume to hr@leadingip.com. The resume should state which field the candidate was majored in and when the candidate would be on board.


Patent Attorney/Engineer in Machinery, Electricity or Chemical


- Undergraduate or higher degree in Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electricity, Telecommunication, Photoelectricity, Physics, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Materials;

- Excellent English with CET-6 (proficient in Japanese, German or other foreign languages preferred);

- Independent experience in patent drafting or translation preferred: Two-year experience in patent representation or relevant working experience; Able to draft patent application documents independently; Experience in translating patent documents up to 200,000 English words preferred;

- Certificate of Patent Attorney preferred.


Patent Procedure Administrator (international)


- Undergraduate or higher degree in English;

- Second undergraduate degree (in Law) preferred or proficient in Japanese, German or other foreign languages preferred;

- Relevant experience preferred;

- Earnest, detail-oriented, conscientious.


Patent Procedure Administrative Clerk (domestic)


- Undergraduate or higher degree;

- Familiar with documentations and solid knowledge in procedure of archiving and administrating related files

- Earnest, detail-oriented, conscientious;

- Experience in patent application procedure administration or relevant working experience preferred.